Saturday, October 11, 2014

Longview Barber Shop

My barber, Dave, nods at us as we walk in.  Neither his conversation nor his scissors pause.  My four youngest boys hustle to the toy box in the back room.  Many of the toys are old or broken. Looking at the scramble for them though, you would think they were gold doubloons.  My older three boys were more reserved in public.  When these last four get comfortable somewhere, they resemble a litter of poorly trained beagles – howling randomly, jumping on each other, and pretending they cannot hear their master’s commands. I avoid yelling across the room.  It makes me look out of control and does not work anyway.  Just as with young pups, orders growled in close proximity are more effective.

The boys are quiet for now, so I am free to listen in on any of the conversations. 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

In His Home, 13 Is An Age Flush With Anticipation

Thirteen is a childhood milestone — an age that, for some young people, marks a beginning or ushers in a tradition.
Jewish children, for example, celebrate a bar or bat mitzvah. Many Roman Catholic children receive the sacrament of confirmation.
At the Imwalle household in Hilliard, the milestone carries a new responsibility: cleaning a bathroom.
With 10 children, including six still at home, my wife, Lisa, and I view self-sufficient offspring as a necessity.
Which explains why, by age 3, our children have learned to put their dirty clothes in a hamper and clear their dirty plates from the table.
Such training also helps each Saturday, popularly (or maybe not so popularly) known as “job day.”

Monday, February 24, 2014

The Mystery of the Extra Finger

In 100 Words or Less

We were about halfway to Mad River Mountain.  I was taking Matthew, Sam, Daniel, and Luke snow tubing.  Luke was trying on his gloves.  He said, "I guess I have an extra finger."  I didn't know if he meant on his hand or on his glove.  I told him to take it off and count his fingers - I was sure he had only five on each hand.  Moments later he said it was OK, he just had two of the same glove.  Daniel piped up, "Me too!"